4 Typical Cockroach Types in the U.S.

Cockroaches come in more than 4,500 different species. Do you cringe and wrinkle your nose in distaste at that statement? So let me give you some good news to cheer you up. Only four of those cockroach species are often found living in American households. It will help you choose the most effective strategy for control and elimination if you learn a little bit about each one. This website can help you understand better. 

  • German cockroaches

This is the most prevalent of the four common household cockroach species. German cockroaches are medium brown in color and roughly half an inch long. Just below their heads, they have two darker stripes extending down their bodies’ length. German cockroaches will devour soap, wallpaper, and old books if they cannot obtain food scraps. They are not choosy eaters. German cockroaches are frequently found in big populations and in warm, moist environments. Apartment complexes and housing developments frequently have them.

  • American Cockroaches

Your sightings are most likely American cockroaches if they are reddish brown with yellowish stripes behind their heads. This species has a maximum length of two inches. American cockroaches prefer to live outside, but if they can not find food or water outside, they will venture inside in quest of those things. They may infect people and pets with sickness, just like German cockroaches.

  • Oriental Roaches

These cockroaches are highly different, being dark brown or even black. They can grow as long as an inch. Even while all roach species can emit a musty smell, Oriental cockroaches are more likely than other species to do so. They reside outside in leaf heaps, but they could go inside if a house is warm enough. Oriental cockroaches love starchy meals and decomposing food. They rely heavily on water as well. They may be a little simpler to get rid of than other roach species as a result of these factors.

  • Brown-Banded Roaches

Many people mistake these roaches for German cockroaches. They are roughly a half-inch long and brown in color, just like the German cockroach. German roaches have dark bands directly behind their heads, whereas German cockroaches have dark bands on their wings.

Only inside do brown-banded cockroaches reside. They frequently enter a home on furniture or use things from an infected house. They will consume things like stamps and wallpaper adhesive in times of need since they are not choosy eaters. In contrast to other roach species, brown-banded roaches like drier environments. Instead of a basement or bathroom, you can discover them in a ceiling or behind a cooker.

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