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A helper that is suitable for your age to lift your face.

Everyone wants to have a radiant, lifted, and not sagging skin. Even today there are various beauty innovations. including facelift surgery, laser, thread lifting, filler injections, Botox as a helper If each age is different Treatment methods vary according to age.

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What type of face lifting method is suitable for each age group? There are recommendations from dermatologists and laser specialists as follows:

20-25 years old is the age when facial collagen is still good. But not everyone has the same amount of collagen. It depends on the lifestyle of each person. because some people may experience a lot of sunlight And I don’t take care of my face much. It may cause the skin to sag faster than those who take care of it. Maintain facial skin regularly

If the girls in this group want to lift their faces more precisely. Doctor recommends Ultra Lift Hifu. This program works with ultrasound focus waves like the Ulthera but with less energy to fire than the Ulthera. Suitable for younger people.

The Ultra Lift Hifu program, in addition to helping tighten the face, also helps reduce Fat or fat on the cheeks. And the excess on the face makes the faces of girls firmer, fit, firmer skin.

As for the age of 30-35 years old, this group is suitable for face lifting with the Ulthera program because it will help the staff’s collagen to be more stable. But will the results be clearly visible immediately? May not feel lifted like being pulled immediately

But if you have made the Ulthera program since this period Guarantee that in the next 10 years the difference will be clearly visible. Compared to people who have never done Ulthera at all because the collagen of people who have Ulthera will remain in the same condition. sagging or wrinkles It’s definitely less than someone who doesn’t do Ulthera.

40-50 years old, problems with facial skin are getting more and more Whether it’s about sagging, large pores or dimples under the eyes, cheek lines, wrinkles, people age number 4, number 5 are very suitable for Ulthera treatment because it will help tighten the face better. but must be treated in conjunction with threading to help tighten the skin Not sagging and more precise until noticeable

The doctor recommends applying the Ulthera program to tighten the skin first by lifting the skin from the deepest layer of the skin, and then collecting the sagging fat layer by thread lifting. This way, the results of the face lifting will be better.

And people aged 50 + must admit that at this age, sagging skin problems will be found. Not quite compact And the surgery to lift the face that is clearly seen is the Babe Face Lift surgery. The advantage is that the results are clearly visible. Facial skin is lifted and tightened, but the surgery requires facial recovery. And it took quite a few months. The face is in place and may not look very natural.

For people over 50 who just want to look better naturally. I do not want to have surgery and recuperate for a long time. Should use the Ulthera program to lift the face. and threading to lift and tighten sagging at certain points mix filler injection Fill the trench to make it look shallower. Then add Botox to reduce wrinkles as well, it will help the skin to lift and look younger.

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