Flixtor user interface is as seamless on mobile devices as it is on desktop browsers

The shutdown of Flixtor shocked users and fans alike. The shutdown left many in shock, but the website’s developers said they would never give up. The website is still in beta, so we haven’t heard from the developer on the exact reasons why the site was shut down. It was possible that Flixtor was shut down for a variety of reasons, including a large volume of users. But, it is still a fantastic video-on-demand service, free of viruses and advertisements.

As far as privacy is concerned, Flixtor is unmatched. Unlike other sites, Flixtor’s membership is completely anonymous, so no one can trace your personal information. You can sign up for a 30-day, two-year, or lifetime subscription, depending on your preferences. Although this means you risk losing your money if the site is shut down, the VIP membership will give you access to a much larger library of movies and TV episodes, as well as email requests for missing movies.

Another benefit of Flixtor is its high quality selection. Unlike Netflix, Flixtor does not own the rights to the content, making it a safe option for streaming videos. As a result, users can easily find movies and TV shows that are up to six months old. VIP members can even enjoy streaming content in 1080p HD. Flixtor’s user interface is as seamless on mobile devices as it is on desktop browsers.

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