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Is There Any Risk in Information Technology?

According to a study conducted by Stanford University and security firm Tessian, 85 percent of all data breaches are the result of employee mistakes. These mistakes can include clicking on malicious links, not using strong passwords, or giving away company information by accident. The same thing happens when servers get old and an organization does not have the funds to replace them. When this happens, the data stored on the old hardware becomes a risk.

Fortunately, there are many ways to assess risks associated with information technology. While no two organizations will have the same risk level, best practices require management to think about how to minimize risks in technology assets. Some risks involve accidental disclosure, theft, or infiltration of technology assets. By carefully identifying the types of assets at risk, management can get an idea of the consequences if one or more of them were lost tunai4d. Then, management can measure the cost of a potential asset loss in dollars or lost time.

The potential for loss in information technology is often measured in terms of data breaches, operational issues, and information security incidents. Information technology risk can also include security vulnerabilities, legacy risks, and operational failures. IT audits may miss security vulnerabilities or legacy risks, and projects may go over budget. In some cases, there are no measurable risks associated with a given technology, but they can be significant and impact an organization’s business.

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