What Does the GameStop Disc Warranty Cover?

If you’re wondering: What does the GameStop disc warranty cover?, read on. In most cases, a game’s warranty covers discs that are damaged due to wear and tear. However, if your game gets damaged by intentional damage, the warranty won’t pay out. Most game stores don’t offer refunds on new games, but GameStop offers partial credit. You can always rent the game from GameStop if you’re unsure. You can also buy used games if you want to be sure.

Returns at GameStop are accepted for 30 days. Pre-owned items must be unopened and in their original packaging. You can also exchange defective items for new ones. However, you’re not allowed to return any games that were part of a bundle. Upon receiving a refund, you must provide the receipt for the defective item to get a check. In most cases, you can return a disc within seven days of purchase.

My fiance and I went to GameStop to try a new game for her. She bought the game at the lowest price. I didn’t even play it. We were so excited when she got home, but it wasn’t worth it. She didn’t like it. We went back to GameStop, but when we asked to return it, the GameStop guy told us that we couldn’t return it. The disc was still in its original packaging. We’ll try to return it to the retailer next time, but we’re out of luck.

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