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Why is the Education System So Terrible?

In America, the education system focuses heavily on test scores and grades. The result is that young people stop being interested in learning and start thinking only about passing tests. This has serious consequences, because students become obsessed with getting high test scores, instead of developing their creativity. Many critics claim that this is one of the biggest problems with American education. Furthermore, pressure to get high test scores results in schools teaching to the test, and less time spent on teaching non-tested subjects.

Parents are not involved enough in education. Teachers have limited time to spend with students, and many are required to work outside of school hours. This means that students from low-income families have additional challenges at home. Additionally, many parents are career-driven and do not have time to help their kids at home. If you want your child to have an edge in school, be involved in their education. The more involved you are, the better!

Many parents in suburban districts may say that the schools are terrible, but if they aren’t, then what are they missing? The answer may surprise you. In the end, it isn’t the money, but the system itself. We have a society that demands better grades from kids, and that doesn’t give parents much motivation to help their kids. In the meantime, teachers are obligated to do what the school board says they should do – and not to do the best for their students.

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